Jul 26, 2008

Tammy's Birthday

Today, my dear friend Tammy and I are going to visit Wild Fiber and A Mano yarns in the Santa Monica area. Hopefully she'll let me take her out to lunch as well. Her friendship is something I cherish. Go give her some blogging love!

We went to Wildfiber, A Mano Yarn Center and also Unwind in Burbank...and we had a fabulous lunch at Border Grill.

Thanks for giving me an excuse for an afternoon avoiding responsibilities, Tammy. Oh....and Happy Birthday.

Jul 25, 2008

New Babies and (gasp) New Housing

(Here I am, trying to pretend everything is normal, day to day. So for this moment, the knitting will begin the post.) I do love have another baby to knit for. A firefighter friend and his wife are expecting their first child and I get to give her a little gift before we leave. Can you guess the pattern?
It's the Mason-Dixon Knitting book's One-Piece Baby Kimono. I am in love with the colors here (which I had in my stash). It looks like Spumoni to me. The colors didn't photograph very well, but let me tell you...mmm..mm!
And these will be for cleaning the little one. Washcloths.
Why another picture of the four washcloths? I am not sure. I think maybe I am a little frenetic right now, trying to hold myself together while our whole lives are turning topsy-turvey.
You see, we rented a house yesterday. In our new town of Edwardsville Illinois. The nicest Realtors are there. Now begins the flurry of moving....

Jul 18, 2008

Big News

Many of you have known about the new turn our family is taking. For the rest of you, we are changing things in a big way! DH is leaving his job with the fire dept. (!!!) Then he'll train for a year to take his private pilot license up to a commercial (and instrument rating etc) until he is a capable commercial pilot. Then another year of airframe and powerplant school to learn to fix everything on an airplane. From there, he plans to join with an agency like Mission Aviation Fellowship to fly planes for them.

So, for the next two years the whole family will be in the St Louis area while John does the training. From there, serving overseas. Whew!

Why? Well, it started out with "why not?" We have the means and the desire to go...to help people, to reach out of our safety bubble in suburbia and follow the Lord in touching people who are hurting in isolated places. As we looked into it, realizing that God had put the desire there long ago for each of us, and brought us carefully here to this decision, we have become firm in our plans. Our kids are even on board, and we are eager to see how they will be changed by this adventure. And yes, it is an adventure which is big...really big. We imagine that we will be somewhere overseas in about 2-3 years, maybe Africa or Indonesia...who knows?!

Prayer requests:

A good family to rent our house

A home to rent in in the St Louis area

Strength and energy to get it all done

Humble hearts as we embark on this Journey...

Jul 1, 2008

It's a Cake...

Really!I hope you can click on it to see it big. How cool is that!
My MIL sent the photo to me. I guess it originated in San Marcos. Whoever did this is extremely talented.

What do you think?