May 28, 2007

Back online

Knitting and Reading:
That's why I wanted to blog; to discuss and commiserate about them. I have lately been doing a lot of both.

My dad did, in fact pass away at the beginning of this month, surrounded by loving family. We, in turn, were surrounded by loving family and friends as well.
It was one of the most beautiful times in my life, a surprise.

After the flurry of memorial preparations was over, we had the pleasure of celebrating my dad's life and had some unexpected and wonderful friends from long ago to come and celebrate with us. What an honor to have dad's ski patrol buddies there. Almost all the cousins came, too!

Since then, we began spring garage cleaning (ugh! ) and I resumed both knitting and reading with a vengeance. I have completed several repeats on Lady Eleanor and have knitt another pair of socks, with another 1 1/2 done.
Pictures soon.