May 14, 2008

No Pretense Needed Here - Picovoli Fits!

A little blocking and now we don't need to pretend at all!
I am so happy that it fits.
Look at her; she is so happy, too!

I wet it and did a little smoothing (but no actual stretching)
and now we have a fit!
I was so grateful for my children on mother's day, beginning with my kids making me stuffed french toast and chocolate covered strawberries. MMMmmm...

May 5, 2008

Can't we pretend????

Picovoli, the super-easy fitted tee/tank I am finished making for #1, doesn't fit. Yes, the earlier pictures looked great, but the rest of it is too small.

I am flabbergasted. It was so easy. She is so small and sweet and this t-shirt/tank should be a perfect throw-on piece of her wardrobe. It isn't.
Should I blame her.... "You Grew!!!" (accusation intended here)?

I think so. If not, I am left with helplessness and crying. I started this project a month or two ago. Maybe Feb or March. She couldn't have grown that much, could she?

Can't we pretend it fits?????
If I re-work the rest, it will make her look bottom-wide because the shaping will be off. Soo....I think about it tomorrow. (name that character!)

Oh, well. On to the next thing....finishing several socks and (oh yeah) finishing another t-shirt for #1. This is the pattern.
I am trying not to make it too tight...
Should #1 trust me? nah!
I hope I can laugh about this soon....sniff.

May 1, 2008

River Rapids

I frogged these socks long ago and recently began them anew in a smaller needle size (size 0 instead of size 2). What a difference!!!! They knit up more quickly and with nicer stitch definition and the stripes seem to work better, too.
I still have to finish the foot on sock #2, but I was so happy with them today, I thought I'd post on them.
Why am I so happy with them? Well, they are nice, yes. But the real reason is that they are found! They'd gone AWOL last week, and were found fraternizing with the new furniture at my mother's house.

You're home. :-)