Oct 13, 2006

Casting on party

This is the season for crisp air, gorgeous cloud formations, and putting out colorful leaf decor (because in So. Cal there aren't really any true seasons).
Most importantly, it is the season for casting on new knitting projects. For me, this season began with a party. Yes, a party! As a break from my normal routine of homeschooling (and added new routine of spending extra time and care with my dad), a wonderful knitting friend brought over a party. We had it all: yarn and needles, sushi (a whole feast of it!)and margaritas, and last, but not least, funny videos. We cast on to the Ella shawl (second picture down):

and also cast on a soft, amazing yarn to make a basic sock with just two cables. Fun, lovely and oh, so fall.

By the way, the Ella shawl is using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Gold Hill. The sock is Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino in chocolate. This is true friendship. My knitting friend leads me in paths of knitting righteousness for the fiber and family's sake! She even shares in my desire to buy and cast-on more than I should. Thanks, Tammy!

Ok. So here's the rest of the cast-on madness: next I received my favorite needles in a whole kit in the mail:

and also got some yarn for a shawl for my daughter...see how happy she is:

I even cast on (again) for the Booga Bag by Black Sheep Bags with the big Kureyon, but this time used side 13 needles instead of 10:

And that sock is a new cast-on, too. Sorry it's so blurry. Or is it my eyes? I think there's more I've cast on in the last few days...I can't keep it all straight. Maybe I've bit off more than I can chew? We'll see...

Oct 9, 2006

Stories for fun

Today's blog is about yarns on the printed page, the ones who inspire and entertain.

First of all let me tell you about some of fabulous books we've been reading for history for our family time. I am learning this stuff for the first time...anicent history with Mesopotamia and Egypt, Caldeaans and even back to the Flood. And it's fun, really! "In Search of Tutahnkamun" by Piero Ventura was a great overview of his life and so much fun for us all. It has pictures on every page and covers a snippet of his life and life in Ancient Egypt on each page. Very easy to get through, and covers it all well. Now I just wish that the King Tut exhibit would come back.

Next "Pyramid" by David McCaulay was so fun, we just could stop reading it! Yes, it's short...but I had planned to slowly do a little bit at a time. We just couldn't do it! It was so cool to see how they could really have been built...and the engineering! It was understandable! We were so inspired, my 9 y/o made a great model at the park the next dayl.

Then fiction works set at the end of time historical period have also been great. We're just getting to "Antony and Cleoplatra" but have recently finished "God King" by Joanne Williamson, a terrific book about Egypt after its glory days. Although it is fiction, it gave us a great picture of Egyptian life for it's rulers, and this was in a time when Kush, the land to the south, had conquered it and taken over Egypt by making it all one big 'Egypt'.

Now for the adult stuff. Not history for the sake of understanding our past, but for the continued entertainment of this adult mom:
Of course you have heard of Sherlock Holmes. But, did you know that he was real? OK, not really. However, a series of mysteries by Laurie King takes the character and gives him new life by having our 15 year old female protagonist meet him and come under his tuteledge. Sound silly? Preposterous? I thought so too. Then I obeyed my mother (always wise) when she said I HAD to read it. I liked it. Now I want to know if you liked it too. Dumb premiss done right?

Oct 5, 2006

Perspective (and celebrity sightings)

To everything there is a time and a season under heaven. Well, for me and mine this has not been a time of blogging, but instead has been the time for our family to love and serve my dad. He's in hospice care and we are pulling together to make this a special time for all of us.

This has left time for sitting by his bedside, talking about options for his health, seeing nurses and doctors, making healthy meals for him, reading to my children, knitting (of course) and generally keeping close to home (and mom and dad's home). While these events were rumbling through our lives, my wonderful husband has been fighting the fires here in So Cal and was at work for a whole week and a half! He's home now - whew! With all that and new floors being installed in our own home, we have been a little stretched!

This is why I have been so very blessed to call on my good friends and to have them pour out their compassion (in the form of entertainment for our kids, companionship, meals, phone calls , starbucks, and even compulsive yarn buying with me - thanks Tammy) on me. I love the reminders to think about what is true, pure, lovely, etc, and the reminders that we are all in the hands of our trustworthy, loving Lord. Please pray for us in the blessed and trying time.

On a lighter note...I did get an extra bonus last week as I left park day with me kids. We stopped at the LYS to return some Noro Silk Garden and a funny circular needle and ...I saw a knitting celebrity! While I gushed and babbled like a starstruck oaf, this wonderful maven of the knitting world, Wendy, chatted with my kids and behaved as graciously as possible. Sorry you missed it, Tammy!

Now, it is far, far too late at night and I am wanting to show off my socks that I just finished: