Jul 27, 2006

Books of late

Hello Everyone (Any luck Krista?)

Talk about some good books. I have finished three lately and want to enthuse about them. Read on only if you can handle the fervor!

Phillippa Gregory's "A Constant Princess" about Catherine of Aragorn is one good reason I continue to enjoy historical fiction. The author weaves in history so well with a really good tale, it is effortless learning. My only concern is confusing the fiction part and history part! I do feel like I got a good flavor of the time and the setting, and am highly motivated to learn all about it now. Any ideas?

My favorite book completed recently is "The Keeper of the Bees" (I think I already mentioned reading this one). I cannot recommend it enough. It is by Gene Stratton-Porter and was a beautiful story. Pain, honor, delight, nature, and love are all themes. The characters are beautifully written, round and engaging, with everyday humanity and touches of extraordinary heroism. God is there, too. Couldn't ask for anything better.

I also just finished Victoria Thompson's next gaslight mystery, "Murder in Little Italy". It was a quick bit of fun and adventure! The setting is New York City during the era of gaslights, and our heroine is the daughter of the extreme wealthy but who rejects the power of her station and lives on her own, supporting herself by providing midwife services to the poor. Read the first one in the series first, though. (Mom, you've got to return that one soon...or give it to me to return for you!)

Next I go to "Arundel" by Kenneth Roberts. Anybody know if this is a good one? Love to know before I start.

Jul 24, 2006

Summer of Fun

This one is me sitting at my kids end-of-year production. Yes, I've got my knitting even at important family functions! I was making my youngest daughter a cardigan for cool summer evenings and it's done now and she loves it. The pattern is by "Sirdar Kids in Cotton" and I used Tahki Cotton Classic DK weight in several matching colors. The knitting went well, although this was my most difficult project as yet, but the embroidery sent me for a "loop"! Next time I'll have to practice more before doing embroidery on things I want to show off. Now I am working on another pattern in the same yarn. I really liked the way the mercurized cotton by Tahki feels when I knit it. It is soft, but has a body to it that I like. It has a nice drape to it when knitted in a simple stockingette.

Jul 18, 2006

A new World

I am entering a new world here. Tammy has led the way, and now I follow. "I Love a Good Yarn" because I love a great story and I love a good fiber to knit with. Sort of a double entendre...definitely geeky, but there it is!

I am so in love with books at the moment...so many good ones have come to my house this week. I can't wait to get to them all. History books, fairy tales, bible reference and more. Let the education begin!

I just finished two great books, and am reading several others...I'll share more on that later. I also just finished a sweater for my youngest sweet girl, a cardigan out of a coral cotton. Life is good.