Aug 21, 2009


"Confection" is a baby shrug just right for a baby/toddler gift. It is perfect for that adorable little one. I've got another (in a lavender color) to give to a beautiful new baby at church.
I made it using Misti International "Pima Cotton and Silk" yarn and also Crystal Palace "Waikiki" yarn with size 8 needles. It was a very quick knit, on the plane to CA and then during the trip up to northern CA in a car, it was finished. Of course, i had to frog a large bit to make it bigger...some babies grow!
This is the adorable one in my life, and if you have one like her, the knitting needles call out to you to make something for her.
I have it on good authority that she likes it:
I've got lots to blog about, so watch for more about the last few weeks of knitting, reading and living life.

Oh, and I found a new blog! It is a "Book Giveaways" site and I've got her button in my sidebar. I found the blog at "The Stair Landing" when she won a book I knew...a Laura Childs book I've been waiting to finish publication. So check out the Book Giveaways blog, and maybe you'll win!