Mar 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

And it was!
It was WARM weather and bright skies and a perfect day for celebrating the resurrection.The daffodils bloomed:

The Clivia were in seasonThe Easter Story was told. The myriad of kids here told the story admirably. They get the point. And the candy. They get the candy. :-)

Do you like this:
It makes me smirk. I clearly have issues.

I also have cake. Ree's Carrot cake. Yum. Just for if we needed more decadence.
Hope yours was blessed.

Mar 17, 2008

A Real Sweet Baby!

My cousin had a baby; a sweet precious girl, born not too long ago and she is 9 pounds now - with tiny feet.
Her feet are so tiny that the preemie size socks don't fit.
And her little feet were I went to work.
We had driven to San Francisco to visit her lovely parents and her grandparents, my wonderful aunt and uncle, on Friday and returned on Sunday. Although it was a quick trip, it was truly filled with great memories. It was worth it to meet such a sweet little girl!

Socks this size only take a couple of hours. There are only 24 stitches on size 1 needles.

Sour Grapes and Serendipity

Last week I was in a knitting funk, feeling grumbly and snarfy because of the fiasco at the Loopy Ewe. Did you get any? Wollmeise yarn, that is.I had badly wanted to try out the newest and greatest superlative yarn and my favorite online shop was going to get a shipment. :-) Tammy and I were on the ball...first she was on the watch for it, then me. We were constantly on guard, patiently waiting for it to be ready for sale and then we'd grab a couple of skeins.But after three days of diligent watching, they sold out in a few minutes before we ever got up in the morning. Sniff, sniff.Those on the East Coast and those who stayed up ALL NIGHT got some. Me? None.

Here's the part I should be ashamed about:
That goofy little girl inside me wanted to take over; she kept yelling, "It's not FAIR"!!!! As I went through the day, calmly educating my children and keeping our home, she kept bringing the situation to mind and it was getting more sad and pitiful as the days following the fiasco went on. I was dwelling on it like a little baby: poooor me. I bet Wollmeise isn't as great as everyone reports, anyway! Hmph! Why should THEY get it all???!!
Can you picture it? Quite a state of mind over a silly bit of wool.

I finally moved on, due to an exciting trip up to coast to SF to visit wonderful family. I forgot all about the sad events and embraced the adventure in front of us. (More about said trip later today).

As the weekend progressed and thoughts of Wollmeise yarn stayed far away from me, I was able to work on several projects and we had such fun doing other things. Yesterday, as we walked to Delores Park in the City, ambling along,.....SERENDIPITY HIT!!!

There was a yarn store, a great yarn store, appearing across the street:

Can you even believe it? Right there! In all of this huge city, I walk blithely down the street and run into this great yarn store. They had koigu, Manos, every socks yarn under the sun and every other yarn too (except Wollmeise because NOBODY carries it...out of stock everywhere) and I scored:

Now I feel better....

Mar 12, 2008


This is why Winter Camp is good.