Jan 9, 2011

In The Company Of Others

Jan Karon (of the Mitford book series fame) began a new series a year or two ago. The first book in the series was fine, but the second, "In The Company of Others" was fantastic!

I've been knitting a sleeve for my new Kindle, which I love! I am using my very first ever sock yarn, a gift from Tammy...and I have no record of what it was (bright two-tone blue), but I know she got it from Washington when she was there for a wedding.

I figure the leftover yarn should be used for something cool, and new...so here goes the e-book protective sleeve. Hope it works.

We all gave and received lots of digital media for Christmas this year, and it was a good thing, but those presents sure looked small under that tree!

I've still got a whole container left of Christmas truffles, and a huge jar of jelly belly candies which have hardly been touched. If you are interested, my reading list for 2010 is up on my reading archive blog.