Dec 22, 2006

Only 3 days left to ?*&%^$

Christmas time again....

Only time will tell how it all turns out this year.
Today will be a fun knitting day: I hope to finish Ella...and I am thinking about blocking it, praying that it will truly not pooch after the blocking. The buzz about this piece is that the pooch will dissappear after a good bocking. We'll see. That's the "petal dish cloth on the left up them. The pic on the right is a wonderful yarn, Claudia Handpainted in "Oops!" colorway. I had seen it on the internet and lusted for a while, and when it turned up in the basket at a yarn store I figured it was fate.

I am almost done with one of a pair of socks, using this green yarn with a little red mixed in. Sounds like the holidays, but not really for me. I like to wear red and I like to wear green and this one doesn't really scream "Christmas". It just subtley fits in wherever it needs to. I hope. What do you think?

My second daughter is a morning sleeper. She just loves to sleep in, but when I went in early this morning and offered to teach her how to cast off of the scarf she knit for her cousin, she was out in a flash and working on it with me. Done. Love it.
I am reading another Gene Stratton-Porter book, "Freckles". So far it is another great one. Maybe it will even approach the glory of "The Keeper of the Bees". Doubt it, but maybe.

Dec 13, 2006

back again

Hello friends,

The crazy, pre-Christmas schedule has finished for us. Winter Wonderland has bit the stardust, soccer tournaments have faded into past glory, the 11-year old sleepover is toast and we are now able to slow down and enjoy the season. Halleluiah!

First and foremost, Knitting!

I love how my two oldest girls have "taken" to knitting. They have made a beautiful bag together (Booga Bag by Black Sheep Bags) and the eldest has made close to 10 hats (with a 2X2 rib throughout) using Noro silk graden. Yum! I am so very proud of them both.

As for me, I have made progress on the Ella Shawl! I am 2/3 done and going for more!

I also finished the chocolate brown socks! I Love how soft they are! What a wonderful yarn.

Completed as well are 6 petal dish-cloths, using the peaches n cream. I like to USE the dishcloths becuase they squish so well, clean so well and really work! I also like how fast they knit up...just a couple of hours! However, I really am sick of knitting with that yarn. It feels like string and it feels harsh on the hands! I wish there were another option that actually felt good to knit with and still stood up to a dish-cloth job. I asked around at the local yarn store and they had no alternative yarn suggestions. Oh, well...maybe in heaven.

On the finished list is also my own booga bag! I so love using it and mentally begging people to notice. The photos at top are my Ella Shawl, more photos coming soon!