Oct 26, 2009

Some knitting and a birthday

What a joy kids are! Motherhood is never easy, but so worth it! Happy birthday, sonny! I hope this year is even better than the last.
These are some socks I made for Sara's baby, her first. She's a nice gal from church and so beautiful, too. I am so glad for her, and know she'll be a great mom.
It is so beautiful here in the Midwest, with the fall trees and the chilly weather. So Chilly, in fact, that I wanted to knit the February Lady sweater. So here's my progress.
The yarn is so lovely, and I enjoy the process of knitting each stitch with such yarn. (Malabrigo worsted in Stone).

Oct 20, 2009

Newspaper Route

Early summer brought a brief job for one of my kinder. She needed the $$$$ for her gymnastics team fees. Sometimes a little sis can be a fun companion on the first trip through the route.
Sometimes they have to be laughed at too!
She could use another job, cause we keep writing those checks! Get moving, girl!

Oct 19, 2009

New friends

One of my new friends is a wonderful author who Keegan introduced me to last Spring. I love it when people share great books with me.

While I have read several of her books (Ok more like 15 now), it is the books about the Old Testament kings which has impacted me the most. Have you ever read the stories about David and his descendants and all those kings? For me, they are hard to keep track of, and to orient the other people in them. Just who were they?

Lynn Austin takes a large chunk of that history and turns it into 5 novels. Much of the stories are completely ficitonal, with much true history woven in, and it becomes a fuller and more memorable set of stories to me.

Besides which, she writes well, and has a worldview which is solid and beautiful.