Aug 12, 2008


Do you want a planter? How about Monoploy? No?? Well how about some great ski boots, or some puzzles? How about a few dozen kitchen gadgets or some great dishes, a whole set or two? We're getting rid of it all this and more. OK, most of it is gone already. The Goodwill and The Salvation Army have been our frequent drop-off place almost every day.

It makes me ponder: How much stuff can one family accumulate? !!! I thought we were fairly good at getting rid of stuff we don't need, and also avoiding unnecessary acquisitions. I must have been fooling myself.

Yes, books are yarn are stockpiled here, but the's just stuff.

The amazing thing is the feeling I have now it's mostly gone. I am freed, somehow. That stuff that we loved welcoming in our our home carried a burden with it. The need to store, to maintain and to use, display or love all those things was a burden. It was part of what made us feel insulated within suburbia. It was part of the desire to break out.

The next two years of training will be in a home much smaller. It'll be good for us.

Strangely, I have noticed a new desire, however....the desire to fill up the cupboards with new and better stuff. I've got my eye on a GPS for travel and feeling our way around a new state. I've got my eye on a new Kuerig coffee maker (did I spell that right?). And I know my kids need new clothes ( #3 doesn't have any long pants/jeans). It isn't that I object to getting the things we's just the WAAANTING of them I wish I could avoid. I was hoping I was changing. Guess I'll have to be content with my mind changing and having my heart try to struggle to follow my mind.

Anyway....did I show my house socks yet? I made them while watching the TV show, HOUSE. Yes, the blue looks like his eyes, doesn't it? Oh, and I finished my first event in the Ravelympics. I finished the Scarf Stroke and the WIP Wrestling events when the Easy Flame Lace Scarf cast off a couple of days ago. Ravelry acknowledged the win with an award...see up top. Phelps and Luikin must be jealous. ;-)

Aug 7, 2008

In Which I Pretend to be a Photographer...

Bear with me...I had fun with these. Nothing special on the point and shoot camera, and no special settings, just the usual automatic.

I had such fun with the photos which appeared, the blue in the end of the wings and the details. I couldn't believe they came out, because the butterfly never really stopped moving.

Aug 1, 2008


We've been interested in nature lately. This fungus started cropping up yesterday. It grew by the inch every few hours:This one is showing her nature:So is this one:
This one...not so much. I had to tell her to close her mouth and stop talking. Three times.
Showing her music-long nature, this one fiddles with her iPod.
We're getting rid of stuff. Purging half our house, and it feels good. Goodwill is getting some great stuff. We're getting lighter.
More pictures of the gorgeous swallowtail butterfly to come.