Jun 28, 2008


Have you ever been late with a hostess gift? We have some friends we visited in April and I just finally finished their gift. It's never too late, right? Sometimes people are just so special to you that you have to give a gift. I am hoping they will think these will be perfect washcloths for their bathroom.
This is #3. He is handy with an axe (has been since age 5) and now has mastered the drill and the sawzall. Do all mothers let their children do such things?

Jun 26, 2008

"Home Girl"

"Home Girl: Building a Dream House on Lawless Street" is a non-fiction book by Judith Matloff, a US foreign correspondent of many years who comes home (the most foreign place of all for her lately) and tries to settle down in the US. While her husband is still on assignment somewhere else in the world, Judith falls in love with a decrepit old house in a colorful neighborhood, suitable for one familiar with the flavors of the "hot spots" of the world news. The only trouble...well the subtitle should give you a clue.

This was an interesting read. Having been interested in international lives of US citizens, I was intrigued with how re-entry into American life might be. As the story progressed, I realized that Judith re-entry will likely be nothing like mine if ever I should leave and come back to the US. Her story still remained fascinating to me, for the events of this chapter of her life are quite outside my normal suburban life, although they could happen to anyone living in a big US city. I loved the idea living courageously within a new situation, and not demonizing people who are dangerously living (or even living in a way which makes it dangerous for me). On the other hand, courageously living in a dangerous situation should be for a greater purpose than an arbitrary love of a new house....a purpose really worthwhile.

Jun 24, 2008

Branching Out

My wonderful friend Tammy gifted me some of that luscious Manos De Uruguay Silk Blend and I'd been wanted to make the Branching Out scarf in a worsted weight ever since I saw Lynda's.The silk and wool blend are so beautiful to touch. It has a classy and subtle shine to it and knits like air.
The first skein had some wonder variation in color, while the second was from a different dye lot and is much more solid. I am hoping that I've achieved a graduated effect with this scarf's color, but not so sure. DH saw it finished and thought I might have accidentally bleached part of it. But what does he know?

Summer is here and we're having belated birthday parties and the two eldest are helping with VBS while I stay at home and revel in home life with the two youngest, soaking up hugs and books and poolside knitting.
This poolside pic if from a party not too long ago, to say bon voyage to good friends...Carole, we miss you and yours!Tennis Anyone? I've been playing...even int he heat. :-)

Jun 12, 2008

Yosemite! Eureka!

I LOOOVE this shirt. It's a Knitty pattern called Yosemite. I've been working on it for quite a while now, hearing about other people's issues with sizing...and worrying a bit that I'd have to rip it out. But no...
...I am so very pleased to say it fits.I know, maybe it could be tighter...but really, we just didn't want it that way.
It is knit in size Small, with US 7 needles and 6 balls of Rowan Calmer.
Calmer is my new favorite cotton yarn, hands-down. So soft and elastic and forgiving. I could use it forever!
And #1 and I couldn't be more delighted. Just in time for the new Knitty, too.