Mar 30, 2009

My Goodbye Scarf

I finished this scarf a week or so ago, but haven't been able to bring myself to post it or to give it to it's recipient, Linda. Her birthday even came and went but I couldn't bring myself to call. She will be leaving the state next month. Earlier than I thought. I am grieving. She was my matron of honor, my best friend in high school and my stalwart sister in the Lord. I have missed her for 13 (?) years when she moved out of SoCal to the midwest. Then finally, I managed to be in the same place as she is...for a short time. She'll need this warm scarf in Maine.

I wish her all the best and do not grudge her this wonderful move. But I am sad.

Irish Hiking Scarf by Adrian Bizilia .
Size 8 needles, Knitpicks Decadence yarn in Tide colorway, 3 skeins.


Free Range Chick said...

I feel for you. My BFF and I have lived 900 miles from each other for the last 13 years. Your friend will treasure that scarf because she will think of you whenever she wears it.

Laura said...

It's beautiful and I'm certain she'll love it.

Did my package ever make it to you?

Tammy said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry... it's just seems so unfair dosn't it. But the scarf is beautiful and it will keep her warm with fond memories as well. ((hugs))