Mar 1, 2011

Sneak Peek at a new craft

I have now taken a class on quilting and am almost done with my first quilt, a very late baby gift for a dear baby girl. I've started in on another quilt, another late one for a baby boy. I love this skill: quilting is so very different than knitting. Thank, Judy, for the teaching and effort you are putting into this class.

It seems the landscape has been filled with snow most of the year so far but two weeks ago we had a thaw. Everywhere was the dripping and water streams from so much ice and snow finally going away. Now the ground is all marshy and muddy, but the days often have warmth and sunshine in them! Hooray!

For Christmas I received a Kindle from two very special people - thanks mom and John! The first thing I did was download free classics. The second thing was to knit a cover for it. The yarn is from Tammy, a gift from her long-ago trip to Seattle, I think. It is a thick sock yarn in blues and aquas and I made my very first socks with it. I had some of the yarn leftover, doubled it for good protection against sharp things in my purse, and voila! My very own Kindle cover.
An old UFO has been getting some work on it too: the Log Cabin Blanket by Mason-Dixon Knitting I started years ago. Somehow it has been calling me. Here's the progress - it has about doubled int he last two days.


Laura said...

No snow for me, but I'm working on a log cabin blanket for my son and just started quilting, too!

Tammy said...

Wow, you've been busy! It' so fun to see what you've been doing, and I'm sooooo jealous that you're quilting!!! Quilting is on my someday list. ;)

km said...

I love the log cabin. I think I should look through my stash wools to see if I've got enough for one.

Love the quilt too.

And with the addition of the Kindle cover...your treasure now reminds you of 3 special people.

Good Yarns said...

@Laura - I love that kind of coincidence, not just our taste in good books!
@KM - you are right, three special people. :-)
@Tammy - (aka special person) Let's work on quilting together on that "someday"

Keurig Mini said...

I haven't gotten into quilting yet but still knit most of the time, with a little crocheting thrown in for good measure.

Maybe I will whip up a cup of coffee in my keurig coffee maker and see what I can learn about quilting - I am getting tired of knitting~!