Jul 24, 2006

Summer of Fun

This one is me sitting at my kids end-of-year production. Yes, I've got my knitting even at important family functions! I was making my youngest daughter a cardigan for cool summer evenings and it's done now and she loves it. The pattern is by "Sirdar Kids in Cotton" and I used Tahki Cotton Classic DK weight in several matching colors. The knitting went well, although this was my most difficult project as yet, but the embroidery sent me for a "loop"! Next time I'll have to practice more before doing embroidery on things I want to show off. Now I am working on another pattern in the same yarn. I really liked the way the mercurized cotton by Tahki feels when I knit it. It is soft, but has a body to it that I like. It has a nice drape to it when knitted in a simple stockingette.

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Tammy said...

I love your pictures!! The cardigan is adorable! Gotta go find my camera.