Dec 13, 2006

back again

Hello friends,

The crazy, pre-Christmas schedule has finished for us. Winter Wonderland has bit the stardust, soccer tournaments have faded into past glory, the 11-year old sleepover is toast and we are now able to slow down and enjoy the season. Halleluiah!

First and foremost, Knitting!

I love how my two oldest girls have "taken" to knitting. They have made a beautiful bag together (Booga Bag by Black Sheep Bags) and the eldest has made close to 10 hats (with a 2X2 rib throughout) using Noro silk graden. Yum! I am so very proud of them both.

As for me, I have made progress on the Ella Shawl! I am 2/3 done and going for more!

I also finished the chocolate brown socks! I Love how soft they are! What a wonderful yarn.

Completed as well are 6 petal dish-cloths, using the peaches n cream. I like to USE the dishcloths becuase they squish so well, clean so well and really work! I also like how fast they knit up...just a couple of hours! However, I really am sick of knitting with that yarn. It feels like string and it feels harsh on the hands! I wish there were another option that actually felt good to knit with and still stood up to a dish-cloth job. I asked around at the local yarn store and they had no alternative yarn suggestions. Oh, well...maybe in heaven.

On the finished list is also my own booga bag! I so love using it and mentally begging people to notice. The photos at top are my Ella Shawl, more photos coming soon!

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Tammy said...

Yay!! A post! You made my day. Ella is looking great and I can vouch for the adorable booga bag.

For the dishclothes, it just occured to me that I've seen a pattern for them with chenille - much softer. I look for the pattern and I can take you one of the *other* LYS in town (with the fake dog) that carries the yarn. She can't intimidate us if we outnumber her.