Dec 22, 2006

Only 3 days left to ?*&%^$

Christmas time again....

Only time will tell how it all turns out this year.
Today will be a fun knitting day: I hope to finish Ella...and I am thinking about blocking it, praying that it will truly not pooch after the blocking. The buzz about this piece is that the pooch will dissappear after a good bocking. We'll see. That's the "petal dish cloth on the left up them. The pic on the right is a wonderful yarn, Claudia Handpainted in "Oops!" colorway. I had seen it on the internet and lusted for a while, and when it turned up in the basket at a yarn store I figured it was fate.

I am almost done with one of a pair of socks, using this green yarn with a little red mixed in. Sounds like the holidays, but not really for me. I like to wear red and I like to wear green and this one doesn't really scream "Christmas". It just subtley fits in wherever it needs to. I hope. What do you think?

My second daughter is a morning sleeper. She just loves to sleep in, but when I went in early this morning and offered to teach her how to cast off of the scarf she knit for her cousin, she was out in a flash and working on it with me. Done. Love it.
I am reading another Gene Stratton-Porter book, "Freckles". So far it is another great one. Maybe it will even approach the glory of "The Keeper of the Bees". Doubt it, but maybe.

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Tammy said...

Any new pictures for us yet? Maybe of Ella??