May 1, 2008

River Rapids

I frogged these socks long ago and recently began them anew in a smaller needle size (size 0 instead of size 2). What a difference!!!! They knit up more quickly and with nicer stitch definition and the stripes seem to work better, too.
I still have to finish the foot on sock #2, but I was so happy with them today, I thought I'd post on them.
Why am I so happy with them? Well, they are nice, yes. But the real reason is that they are found! They'd gone AWOL last week, and were found fraternizing with the new furniture at my mother's house.

You're home. :-)


Krissy said...

I guess fraternizing with the furniture is better than running away with the dish and the spoon.

I love that you frogged them and now that you are re-knitting them you LOVE them. Sometime it is worth the frogging.

Tammy said...


km said...

The stripes are working out nicely. Since these have been around awhile, do you still remember the yarn stats?

Lydee said...

Glad they made their way home!

Olga said...

Oh, I love the pattern on those! It looks so cool.