May 5, 2008

Can't we pretend????

Picovoli, the super-easy fitted tee/tank I am finished making for #1, doesn't fit. Yes, the earlier pictures looked great, but the rest of it is too small.

I am flabbergasted. It was so easy. She is so small and sweet and this t-shirt/tank should be a perfect throw-on piece of her wardrobe. It isn't.
Should I blame her.... "You Grew!!!" (accusation intended here)?

I think so. If not, I am left with helplessness and crying. I started this project a month or two ago. Maybe Feb or March. She couldn't have grown that much, could she?

Can't we pretend it fits?????
If I re-work the rest, it will make her look bottom-wide because the shaping will be off. Soo....I think about it tomorrow. (name that character!)

Oh, well. On to the next thing....finishing several socks and (oh yeah) finishing another t-shirt for #1. This is the pattern.
I am trying not to make it too tight...
Should #1 trust me? nah!
I hope I can laugh about this soon....sniff.


Krissy said...

There is nothing worst than finishing a project that doesn't work. Will you be able to save it for #2. I think #2 is a girl. If not, good thing you made it blue. Bad joke.

GailV said...

I've been interested in that pattern from Knitty, but reading through the comments on Ravelry I've noticed that many people have had problems with gauge and fit. So I haven't worked up the enthusiasm to start yet.

And my Picovoli was "eh" on fit, also.