Jan 31, 2007

Kenya in my heart

Back from Kenya!
I went to Nairobi Kenya and to the Maasai area as well. I returned a with new outlook on so many things. Kenya is so very different, and yet so very much the same. Here's my little person haven:

Do you like the mosquito net? The animal print covers?
Can you see the two notes from my daughters for me to read when I got lonely (I read them the first night there!) ?

I did try very hard to find Kenyan yarn. Any kind. You know, the indiginous stuff that was turned out into cool weavings and neat knitted garments they sold at all of the outdoor markets. Well, I tried and failed. I even enlisted the help of some very nice native Kenyans. Even so, no yarn.

These next two pictures are why I went to Africa, and especially to Nairobi and to the Maasai area. It was to encourage the missions that our church helps with in this area, missions who deals specifically with the HIV-Aids crisis there. The top pic is my knitting with a real Maasai mud hut in the background. I went inside. It housed up to 12 people. Another world, but as I realized after a while....it's not that bad. it's just different. The hut is in a village that is served by a medical clinic we help to support. Aids is a big problem there, in all aspects of it, from education in contracting the disease to the social stigma, to simply being able to take the ART drugs once a patient is willing. The people in the villages really let us in to their lives for a few hours. We were deeply grateful.
This next picture is of me holding Daniella, a lovely girl in the ICU of an orphange that takes in HIV-positive babies. They take in 55 babies at a time and try very hard to get them adopted out by the time they are two. They are very successful! Most of the babies even transition from HIV positive to negative!

Email me if you want to hear more, but that's all for my knittting blog on this wonderful life-changing trip. God is Good!


Tammy said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures. I can't wait to see and hear more.

Daniella is adorable! And you say she needs a home? Oh... I don't have any girls. Do you think they'd take a trade? Just kidding... really... I am.

Lynda said...

Welcome home! It sounds like an amazing trip.

Laura said...

I hope you find time to write more about your trip. Amazing how God can use that kind of experience to really change one's life!