Feb 16, 2007

Some pics of Finished projects

Hello friends! I thought I should post some pics that were finished in the last month or two. Here's my Ella shawl:

This is a pair of socks I knit during my trip to Kenya. We flew over Paris at night while I knitted them, so they are called "Lights Over Paris". This was for the Celebrate Good Times January theme for Socktopia.
This is my beasties sitting at my new Christmas present, the fire pit. Thanks honey for such a great gift.

That's all for now. I'll post more later now that my blog is working properly again.

1 comment:

Tammy said...

We used to have a fire pit. A fire pit & 6 boys (counting DH). It had some fine moments but most of them were spent with me in a panic yelling things like, "Scoot back!", "Don't put that in there!", and "Your shoes are melting!" Then DH, boys and buddies started the Labor Day tradition of burning the plastic play pool on it so I'd awake to what appeared to be the scene of an alien landing in my back yard. Yeah... good times.

I'm sure you'll enjoy yours though. :)