Jun 26, 2007


Singlemindedness is a trait I have been looking for lately. At times, life can get a little too varied. I am working on too many things and can't get done with any of them. With the four kids, I can get pulled in so many different directions throughout the day, not to mention my own hobbies and plans and also not mentioning the things others expect me to work on. I get this sounds like the "many hats" kind of life I've been hearing about for my entire adult life. It shouldn't be a surprise and ...I guess it isn't. What IS a surprise is when it all comes together into one thing for a change. (Like AGPlace with S)
Yes, it all came together during the time a couple of months ago when we spent all our time with my dad. It was wonderful.
After that, oh my!
We broke free from all restraints and enthusiastically grasped all that life had to offer. The end of the school year activites seemed boundless. Enhaustion quickly ensued. Then came the day my #2 girl had a birthday, one in which she wanted to go to the American Girl Place in Los Angeles. OK, I have to confess that I actually wanted to go myself, too. So I got to concentrate on only her and her friend and the fun of a whole day enjoying and splurging! Singlemindedness. Ahhhhhhmmm.The sock up above is lornas laces.


Tammy said...

Sure... just rub the little girl thing in my nose! Hmph!

Great pics though. :)

Krissy said...

My daughter is just in the Bitty Baby stages, but I can't keep here out of that place. She just loves those American Girls.

Tammy said...

I'm waiting....