Oct 9, 2007

It's all coming together...

like it's been planned in advance. The Fall schedule was incredibly daunting, an incredible vast array of things needing to be done. You know it all I am sure: A COLLEGE class for me, soccer for the four kids, the prospect of teaching a new Sunday School with mainly drama and music, not to mention trying to read worthwhile classics and clean the house and raise my lovable children with grace and love....oh! and educate them too. Oh my! I have to say that there were many desperate prayers going out as the Fall loomed.

Somehow, some way it has all converged into a wonderful schedule with soccer games working out, soccer practice only TWO days a week, the class is HARD but doable and all of the rest just working out, well. What a gift.

With the weather turning chill it is the time to cast on. I got my yarn from WEBS for Katherine's Fences blanket.

Gorgeous, huh!

I also wanted to show off the Malabrigo Worsted I am used for casting on for Mr. Greenjeans. Now it is Tammy's turn to commit. Will she?

Deliciously autumn.


Tammy said...

Julie, I don't know how you do it all!! Obviously we haven't spent enough time together for my life philosophy to rub off on you yet. "Expect as little of yourself as possible, then you will never feel like you've fallen short." It's a great confidence builder.

Actually, with Travis and Wyatt being so self-motivated, my job as their teacher is way too easy. And the younger ones... well... you know them.

As for Mr. Greenjeans, Ha! It's already on the needles. Now I'm going to read The Robe and knit Greenjeans and try to beat you at something!

Yarn Addict said...

I have my Mr. Greenjeans in Malabrigo on the needles as well, mine in Mint green. It's Tammy's fault after I saw the idea on her blog I couldn't resist. :)

km said...

Book reading is a race? Ok, I'm nervous.

Julie said...

Yarn addict, I would love to see your progress.
I love the Malabrigo for this, even though I've only done about 4 rows or so on it. Are you using size 8 needles? I'm out of 8's and went up to the yarn-suggested size 9.

Yarn Addict said...

I knit tight, so to make gauge I had to go up to a size 9. I'm challenged when I comes to the digital camera, but I'll try to take a picture and email it to you. I'm down to the cables and I have done about 2 inches of them.

uberstrickenfrau said...

mmmm love that yarn, I think it will make a very nice sweater that you must send to me!!!!!`&;o)