Aug 12, 2006

Completed Projects

Okay here are the hats I was finished with late last night over the next episode of Upstairs, Downstairs:
(There is also the casting on of the next one)

Lovely colors, aren't they?

I was thinking of giving these to my neices for Christmas gifts.

Next, my son wanted desperately for me to include him in this blog, in all his sweater glory. Out of the kindness of my heart, I took pity on him and decided to show you a sweater I finished several months ago...not a new one. But for him, I include it. (This has nothing to do with the fact that I want to brag....really!) LOL

This sweater is made of Karabella Aurora Melange in a pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. What a joy to knit with. This is my very favorite yarn so far. Try it!

Lastly, lest you think I knitted all three of those hats last night, let me assure you that they each took me several hours, and two of them were completed weeks ago. I just work on them for a few minutes at a time when I need a break from other projects.
Do you see the filled-to-the-brim bookcase? Can you help me find room for more?


Tammy said...

You go girl! Great pics and beautiful hats!

Tammy said...

Need. human. contact. and. fellowship. In other words... whatsup? When can we knit without keyboards? LOL