Aug 12, 2006

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Liz said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by at crazed weasel-dom.

I designed my malabrigo pullover myself; haven't written up the pattern but yes, it is finished...there's a blog post (somewhere) about it and my boundless joy regarding this event.

And yes, I homeschool my three kids.

I'm still not used to how Blogger works so commenting on your blog in response to your comment on my blog seems to work ... yikes...

I *am* trying to get off my behind and write up some patterns for general use on a website - I'll add the malabrigo one to the (short) list.

Liz said...

me, again - there's a picture of the finished malabrigo pullover in the flickr badge on the sidebar of my blog - it's the variegated dark pink and white-ish thing.

Happy knitting,

Tammy said...

So... what's new???