Aug 12, 2006

Late nights

Here I am, up late at night and doing two of my favorite things. Re-arranging the bookshelves to see if they just might hold more (Nope, no room; what can I get rid of?) and casting on for another hat. Oh, and watching "Upstairs and Downstairs" on DVD because I missed it in the early seventies when it first appeared. I guess that's three.

Boxes come to our house every day. Boxes (and boxes and boxes) of books for this school year. Two more boxes came today and I even graciously let my daughter open the boxes for me. This time, a beautiful book on animals of all kinds called "Zoo Guide" and a stunning and easy lesson book on watercolor called "The Days of Creation" both by AIG. The other box held "The Children's Homer: The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy" from I think the UPS man knows us by now, and I couldn't be more delighted. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I've even kept up on my own reading. More Gene Stratton-Porter (my favorite new author find) and Esther Estes' "Ginger Pye" which is a book I am reading for my daughters. They want it for our Girls Book Club and I've got to pre-read it before I send 15 girls out to read this book! Has anymore read any John Piper? What a man! His perspective is so true and straightforward. I've been listening to him with my own husband John on a Family Life radio recording. I think we need to find his "Don't Waste Your Life" book and read it now. We are also reading his "Desiring God" book together. Very worthwhile.

Next, I got to sit in front of the TV and knit (and watch) and knit. I finished one hat and did a good beginning on another. I'll have to take a picture and show you all. This will make four cute hats when I am done. It's an easy pattern from the LYS (local yarn shop) and knits upwith a skein of Noro silk garden. The silk garden changes color slowly throught the piece so you get a nice slow wavy stripe of perfectly blended color. I'll take a pic tomorrow.

Can you tell I have had more than my share of coffee this evening? It makes me even more likely to enthuse about my adventures. Can you also tell I am feeling better?

Oh, and happy birthday mom!

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Tammy said...

I'm so glad your feeling better!!!