Aug 9, 2006

The World Starts to SPIN

No, I don't mean spinning, as in spinning wool or alpaca. I mean spinning fast.

How did we begin such a flurry with four weeks left of summer?! Seriously, the last two weeks have defied rational explanation. Now I KNOW that summer has not really ended... but how, then, did our days get so very filled with paperwork and appointments? No pool, or beach, or even play dates for the kids. The lazy summer schedule of fun in the sun has eluded us poor souls.
Now, as fate would have it, our household has gotten a nasty bug. My son Mark has a 101 temp and I am dragging myself with the same thing. Two of my three other daughters are showing signs as well. Here we go...

PS I would very much like to learn to spin, as in wool or alpaca.

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Oh no... not the fever... not the dragging around. Do you think you could've caught the virus at my blog?