Jun 26, 2008

"Home Girl"

"Home Girl: Building a Dream House on Lawless Street" is a non-fiction book by Judith Matloff, a US foreign correspondent of many years who comes home (the most foreign place of all for her lately) and tries to settle down in the US. While her husband is still on assignment somewhere else in the world, Judith falls in love with a decrepit old house in a colorful neighborhood, suitable for one familiar with the flavors of the "hot spots" of the world news. The only trouble...well the subtitle should give you a clue.

This was an interesting read. Having been interested in international lives of US citizens, I was intrigued with how re-entry into American life might be. As the story progressed, I realized that Judith re-entry will likely be nothing like mine if ever I should leave and come back to the US. Her story still remained fascinating to me, for the events of this chapter of her life are quite outside my normal suburban life, although they could happen to anyone living in a big US city. I loved the idea living courageously within a new situation, and not demonizing people who are dangerously living (or even living in a way which makes it dangerous for me). On the other hand, courageously living in a dangerous situation should be for a greater purpose than an arbitrary love of a new house....a purpose really worthwhile.


Krissy said...

Sounds intriguing. Maybe it could help me understand all my neighbors that have moved here form other countries.

Lydee said...

that does sound interesting. i'll have to look for it at the library.