Jan 19, 2009

Eichler, murder, and the magic switch

Margaret Grace (author Camille Minichino) sent me via Laura's blog a book, "Murder in Miniature". Although I have several books I want to share with you, I have to do a quickie on this one. I really didn't have time to read it, but I knew it would be relatively quick read and so I gave it an afternoon indulge.

Who was to know, the setting was an Eichler home. I, myself, grew up in a fantastic, incredible and unique Eichler home!!!!!! The book was an enjoyable read, with never a desire to put it down. The plot and characters were fun, but...at the end was a big surprise! Yes! the home which was the setting for the mystery was my floorplan! It was a reverse, but still the same! I loved it. She showed the floorplan on the last page. Thank you Camille, for the book, the fun, and the trip down memory lane.

OK, now the swtich. The switch for which I am endlessly grateful:
Can you see it? Here it is closer:
It is the answer to our heating situation. We have forced air heating which works very hard to keep up on those very cold days, but doesn't quite do it.

We are also blessed with an ancient boiler, which heats wonderfully well. It is not attached to a thermostat so we have to go into the basement and turn it on manually.
The basement is cold.

It isn't my best friend.

It has rickety stairs and lots of funny bricks in weird places, holding the house up ...somehow. Sooo.....My wonderful husband got me the switch.
Now, all I do is flip the switch and "whoooosh" the gas boiler flares on with much heating and quiet lovely warmth.
Lovely it is.


Lydee said...

cool switch, what a good hubby :-)
I'm excited, Camille Minichino is sending me a copy of Murder in Miniature. Can't wait to read it!

Camille Minichino said...

What fun to see my mailing envelope, too -- thanks for the review AND the manual on the switch (I'm married to an electronics engineer so I appreciate those things.)

I'm glad you enjoyed the Eichler setting; they are special.

Lydee -- are you Carol?? If so the book is on the way!

Camille Minichino/Margaret Grace

Laura said...

I'm so amazed! You grew up in an Eichler home that was the mirror image of Gerry's?! That's so neat.

And what a fantastic husband you have! Isn't God wonderful to give us men who really recognize and cherish us as weaker vessels?