Jan 4, 2009

Historical House Field trip

We took a trip to a local house, built in 1820. Since ours was built in 1890, I wanted to see if I could tell any difference.....whoa what a difference. The people in that house had money! And servants. One of the servants had a very interesting fiber-related item:
While these boys may look bored, they were not. They were salivating: some aromatic hot buns were just pulled out of the huge fireplace and they were told all about the making of them ...but were not going to be able to eat them. :-(Inside one of the bedrooms, the whole realm of attire was discussed. Those rich people wore a lot of clothes back in 1820.

They also were not above robbing the cradle: the wife was 10 1/2 when she married and had her firstborn at "almost fourteen", according to a docent.
I was enthralled with the light in the kitchen. It was southerly, mid/late afternoon light. I thought it looked great on the candles.

#2 couldn't wait to end the bathing instruction. That's a bath tub on the floor there, yes that tiny thing. The docent asked her to get in and then demonstrated how the bath would take place. She didn't like being the exhibit. I did.
Last, but not least, #4 is enjoying reading in her favorite spot, on top of a heat register, in the dining room. At least it is warm.


km said...

I'd be curling up by the heater too. Every time I think about what COLD must be really like, I thank God that I live in So. Cal. I'm not sure I'm cut out for cold. I've been heating my bed with a bag of rice all week.

Fun fieldtrip.

Tammy said...

Looks like fun! #4 needs a nice little blanket or dog bed for that corner! :)

Auntie Pudentaine said...

10 and a half???!!! I hardly know what to say to that one....

Lydee said...

i used to do that!!! I used to read in front of the heat register in our dining room! good spot.

poor number 2! how funny and embarassing!

10 1/2, first baby at 13! yuck!