Feb 11, 2008

Fetching Finally Finished

I've been working on a fingerless glove pattern by Knitty called Fetching. It look me a day or two way back in the Fall to do the first one and the other has just waited patiently to be knit up. I finally got to it this weekend. Above is a picture of the underside. For a picture of the first one modeled next to a great work of literature see this post. The two gloves were knit so far apart in time that I must have forgotten which needle size I used for the first one...it is smaller. It doesn't matter, right?
This is some Wonderfully soft and luscious Misti Cotton I got a LYS sale:

And this is some luxurious Noro Cash Iroha at the same sale:

Who could say no? I had a gift certificate AND they were on 30% off. I am thinking I'll have to conjoin them each with something else, unless a scarf is the project. There just isn't enough for a whole sweater.


km said...

My computer doesn't want me to see the MC and the NCI, but the fetching are pretty. Are they for you? The next pair I knit will be for me.

Krissy said...

I made a pair for someone else. I have to make a pair for me sometime, but I have so many other things waiting to be cast on. They are a lot of fun to make.