Mar 28, 2007

The Seduction finally begins

I've always wanted to say something like that! What I refer to isn't relational, it's fiber-a-tional. Am I allowed to make up words here in the blogosphere? I hope so (although I have great family and friend relationships, I have begun to relate to fiber as well).

The Seduction part is the staff projects at Interweave know the lingerie ones. Well, Ann Budd didn't do anything racy. In fact she gave us a sock pattern called "Seduction". I felt I had to try, wanting to join in for Tammy's KAL for IWP, but it was expensive yarn.

So I substituted a yarn that might produce a similar gauge and had a simlar look. I chose The new Panda Cotton yarn by Crystal Palace made of bamboo and cotton is such a new sensation for me (I am a fairly new knitter so please bear with me as I continue marvel). It is really squishy, spongy and full of body. It is also verrrry stretchy. Now, I have knit with cotton before. Cotton and silk, yes. Wool, and wool blends. Alpaca too. Never have I knit with anything this squishy and stretchy. I feel a little like I am learning to knit all over again, with tension being a new world. However, I really, really like it. It's a little like loving Vanilla all the time, then finding that chocolate is fabualous, too.

I was given a book to borrow from a non-knitting friend and I just finished it last night. I think I started it yesterday. It captured my attention very easily. It is entitled "Knitting" by Anne Bartlette. Check it out. I heartily recommend it to all my knitting friends. It is literary and relational and knitting. What more could a fiber-lover want?

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Laura said...

The Seduction is beautiful and the book sounds great - now I'll have to find it!