Sep 11, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I had to look up the meaning of "meme" today after Tammy tagged me with the "8 Random Things Meme". I always enjoy reading other people's memes, finding it a quick peek into things not normally blogged about. So here goes with 8 random things about me:

1) I am pretty random...not very consistent and liking variety in most things.

2) I cannot stand to read directions for appliances, new toys or anything else! (Knitting is the only exception!) I am much to impatient to take the time to read them.

3) I went to UCLA and majored in Psychology. It took me 5 whole years and had a very inconsistent record. No surprise huh!

4) As a young thing, I always dreamed about living in exotic places like Nepal.

5) My favorite way to give birth was with NO DRUGS, although I HATE PAIN. Go figure!

6) Because my father loved the outdoors, I learned to backpack and snow ski by the time I was 4 yrs old.

7) My dream, still held dearly, ever since early childhood was to be a singer. Not necessarily famous or rich, just doing it in front of everybody and having people love it as much as I did. Instead, I was just a loud, off-key, tuneless kid. Again, Go figure!

8) I love to cook. Even though I eat food prepared by Nutrisystem, I still love to cook for my family. Maybe that's why I am needing Nutrisystem....

Great news for me came in the email box. I got an invite to Ravelry. Thank you Tammy for sharing with me! Now, I need to use self-control here. I must not waste time on this wonderful organizing tool. I must not....I must...


Tammy said...

I had no idea you majored in psychology! It was an interest of mine too but my first psych class was not nearly interesting enough to keep me going. Then I ventured towards marketing (still wanting to get inside peoples heads) but economics was even worse than psych. So I ended up an art major and spend my time overanalyzing my own head. Go figure.

Julie said...

No wonder you want to read Dorian Grey, Tammy. It appears to be about art and getting inside people's heads and it appears to be twisted and sick. The introduction itself seems to be a dire waring against reading it!

Donna Boucher said...

I do like these lists...It's fun to learn about your blog sistah's!

I read Dorian Grey last year. It is dark and twisty. But you don't have to stay there too long.

Krissy said...

I like your list.

Thanks for the comment. I really liked Wild Fiber, but in my excitment, I forget to ask them to ball all the sock yarn I had picked up. We went as a kintting group, so our stops were limited, ao A Mano got scratched off the list. Next time!!!