Sep 20, 2007

Knitting in the Chair

As I was brought into the back of the dentist office, the dental assistant glanced at my knitting and remarked "I see you are was still knitting." I have gone there fairly often over the last four years but when he remarked about my knitting, I realized that he found it to be a little strange. I thought back to the other times I brought my knitting in and I think I've actually knitted in the dentist's chair several times (during the down times of waiting, between forms of torture). It must bring me a sense of peace and normality while they torture me.

My son and I spent a couple of hours at the park. He threw some bark and leaves in the air.

This is the Malabrigo I bought the other day .

It's the one that caused me to have such vivid knitting dreams.

Do you like the gorgeous colors? I did cast on and begin the garter edge of the project, but got lost in my first row of pattern. Bummer. I took it our this morning. The designer assured me that I wouldn't get lost! Maybe I should tell her. No, that would only embarrass me.

This is what the trees looked like when I looked up at the park while I studied.

And this is what it looked like when i looked down.


SweetPeaMomof3 said...

How's that class you're taking going? I've seen things offered at BIOLA and since we're so close M has wanted to go. But, with babies all around we needed to wait. Kristen

OOPS. I wrote this signed in to my other blogger account.

SweetPeaMomof3 said...

OOPS again. I forgot to write about the dentist...I how all is fixed for now. I use my ipod filled with songs that touch my soul. Even the dentist was amazed at how calm it made me and asked what kind of music I was listening to. A plus of being in the dentist's chair as often as I was...I got to share my faith with everyone in the office.

uberstrickenfrau said...

It looks like a scene from an english novel or something! Ohhh, I soooo covet that Malabrigo!! I love that stuff.

Laura said...

The yarn is gorgeous. I knit at the dentist's office - and at the doctor's. I once knit while getting a pelvic exam. It *did* help me relax.

Thanks for coming to "see" me at my blog. I have been busy with the afghan, but the main reason I didn't post much last week was because life got a little crazy and I couldn't get on the computer. My oldest daughter who's in college got very sick and I had to go get her and take her to the ER. The next few days I spent on the road taking her medicine and checking up on her. She's much better now, although we still don't know what caused her illness.

I love it when life is boring and predictable!

Dale said...

I've never taken a project to the dentist's office. I really should try that sometime.