Sep 2, 2007

It is HOT!!!

It is too hot to even think about wearing scarves, but this is what finished on my needles, so here it is:

Rowan Yarn - Classic Yarns Cashsoft DK (57% extra fine merino, 33% microfibre, 10% cashmere) on size 7 needles, no modifications to pattern Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style. While I love this easy lace pattern and am enchanted with the way the pattern looks as it grows, I was astounded at how many times I got lost where I was... and knitted the wrong thing for a long time before finally realizing it and having to go back a whole row or two. As I think back on it, I bet I frogged about a quarter of this thing, one bit at a time. Even so, I love it.

I paid my daughter $20 to put in on during the 107 degree heat for a photo. Just kidding....


This one is a picture of my August Socktopia socks. I never found a theme in time, so I just knit a pair of short socks in my favorite summer sock yarn so far, Crystal Palace Panda Cotton.

By the way, I am determined to loose many, many pounds and live life the way it was far 30 pounds down...much more to go. People are starting to notice, which is very encouraging. I just wish the camera would be more gentle with me!


Tammy said...

Did you know that in some places they are actually talking of a thing called autumn about now? Really! I read of people starting to knit fall sweaters and stuff. Mindboggling!

You should be very proud of the weight you've lost... I know you're working hard and it really does show. I'm proud of your effort and determination!

Think cool thoughts!

uberstrickenfrau said...

I love that pattern of Midwest moonlight, I made tha last year and I love wearing it when it's cold, which it sure ain't now. Hang in there with the weight loss, when I was losing weight I just kept telling myself a thousand miles begins with a single step and everyday I was taking another step till I reached that thousand miles. I dunno, helped me resist eating the no-no food.

Lydee said...

congrats on the weight loss! the scarf is lovely.

Anonymous said...
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