Jan 27, 2008

Not enough weather, we gotta make more

Ok, most people in Southern California are hiding inside because of the torrential rain we have been receiving. My kids and their cousins didn't think there was enough rain. We've got the dryer going quite often because they want to be out in it and need more dry clothes every couple of hours.

I got out the camera catch the fun. I keep seeing them in the trampoline so..... I went with a smile on my face and found:

They didn't think the rain was enough.

They had to make more. I let them. I smiled.

It was one of my good parenting moments.

Donna from Quiet Life asks questions every Friday on her blog. Last Friday she asked a question about laughter. How many times a day do I laugh? Hmm. Well, I know I need to laugh more. Somehow I veer toward the more serious things of life and I think I need to lighten up a little.

So yesterday, I paid attention to the laughter. I was surprised.

I laughed all the time.

I am so encouraged. Thank you Donna for asking the question.

This is my progress on Lady Eleanor. This stole is still going on: I just can't give up!
The first picture is without flash, inside at night. The colors are more true. The second photo is with the flash which makes it more clear, but the colors look more saturated than they really are.

My mom is trying to get me to read War and Peace. Tolstoy. I've always wanted to read him, but been daunted by the reputation this title has. Looooooonnnnnnnnggg. Anybody want to do it with me?

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