Jan 4, 2008

A whole bunch to catch up on:

There is so much to say, I am going to have to do it in several posts.

First of all, it's well past New Year's Day, but....We still have our Christmas Tree up. No, not because we are so enthusiastic about the tree, but because we just haven't had the time to take it down. Honestly, we seem to be a bit late on things this year. The important things got done, but we never even decorated the tree. See?It did look beautiful on Christmas and the Eve, with pretty lights and...I put the leftover pre-made bows all over it, with all of them that were left after the present-wrapping-bonanza. I mean the one which lasted till 5 am on the 23rd and the one till 11 pm on the 24th.

The the important happening around here is that my cousin Katherine had her baby, a whole 5 weeks early and she is perfect and wonderful and we are all so happy for them. She was born on Christmas Eve. I got the call while shopping in Borders for books for my children. As you may know, I love books and I relish the opportunity to increase the number of them in my house. Just give me a reason, and I will go into book acquisition mode. So my mom called my cell phone and told me the news and I just started crying. For joy. In the middle of the bookstore on Christmas Eve.

Now comes the knitting good news: I finished the baby blanket for her a day or two before the baby was born (although several weeks after the baby shower - we won't count that as late, right?).I had so much fun making this baby blanket.
I used the pattern from the Berocco Comfort pamphlet #269 and used the color "seedling". I figured that it was perfect yarn for a baby because of it's softness and it's washer and drier friendliness.
I did modify the pattern, to make it smaller, baby size. I loved the pattern to knit with and I love the stitch definition.
While my cousin was still in the hospital, other lovely relatives hand delivered to her, some 500 miles away from me.

Needless to say, Christmas Eve was a wonderful surprise.

Now for the leader to the next post: I did not do any Christmas knitting. You'll see why.


km said...

Good to see you back! I love that spring green. I'm sure the baby will love wrapping his/her tiny fingers in your stitches. That's always been the case at my house.

I teach on Kenya on the 20th of February. If you could...send a few photos to my email. Thanks so much.

Angelika said...

That baby blanket looks so great. Perfect pattern and perfect timing.

Tammy said...

I love the blanket! It turned out great.

Laura said...

It's beautiful! What a blessing for your cousin's baby!